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The purpose and objective of the Sponsorship Program is to provide basic living essential, physical, social and spiritual care to orphaned and vulnerable children. Our children are OVCs of school going age up to 13 years of age as this enables our social workers be able to journey with the child, guardian and the community around this child. Our children have individual sponsors who enable this children gain empowerment through the monthly donations.  The children and sponsor relationship grows gradually because of the regular effective communication made possible by letters, photos and progress reports compiled by their respective social workers.  To achieve this, the social worker visits the child at home and school at least once per month.  Through interviews with the child and their guardian and observations, the Social Worker is responsible for assessing each child needs.  The Social Worker is also able to track and maintain data on each child and assist in providing basic care.  Social workers regularly check on all the children under the program and a monthly report is prepared on their condition.  They also deliver food to orphan’s home where there’s need, assess any medical concern or condition, assess any hygiene problem and implement the necessary actions to improve deficiencies. Also under sponsorship, health care expenses for sponsored children referrals outside their local health centers are paid by the program

The program’s main goal is to educate and equip this generation of young people to understand their responsibility in their world and give them opportunities to make a better life for themselves, their families and their community.  Annually, school uniform and shoes is provided to all sponsored children which has enabled them have raised self-esteem and reduction of absenteeism.  Once every month a gathering of all sponsored children is held at Kusitawi village. The purpose of the event known as Fun day is for the children to interact and have fun through songs, dance games and other interactions. During fun day the children are given motivational talks and general life skills. The forum is also used to give the children much needed soap, sanitary towels for older girls, home clothes including inner wears when available.

How you can help

The Sponsorship program works with social workers and local community and schools to identify those children having the greatest need.  Children are then placed in the waiting list and when a sponsor is available, assigned accordingly. To help you can:-

  • Sponsor a child by making a monthly contribution at least $30 a month.

  • Donate towards sponsorship program projects i.e

    • Health
    • School Uniform
    • Sports equipment
    • Food support for guardians
    • Soap and sanitary pads
  • By donating new or used clothes and shoes.
  • Motor bike to help the social workers to do their regular visits.

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