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School feeding program

The primary school is the children’s central institution of social life. The purpose of School Feeding Program (S.F.P) is to provide one meal a day of a balanced diet to all the children attending school for 9 schools with a population of 4,250 pupils.  S.F.P has been found necessary due to poverty levels in the community where the children don’t have enough to eat at home let alone carry some food to eat at school during lunch time. Watoto Wenye Nguvu I.O.C provides food supplies, salaries for the 13 cooks, and supply of energy saving stoves. The community contribution is the provision of water, firewood cooking and storage facilities.

Every day at lunch, the children line up to receive a bowl of beans and maize sometimes supplemented with vegetables.  This often is the only meal they will eat for the day. School feeding program gives an opportunity to provide a nutritious meal to the children and has boosted their health by reducing the number of children suffering from malnutrition. Data shows that, schools where feeding program is in place, children retention and school attendance reaches almost 100%. There has been significant improvement in academic performance in those schools under S.F.P.

How you can help

There are many schools in the program area that are in dire need of the school feeding program. You can help by:-

  • Donating funds so that we can expand the school feeding program to more needy schools
  • Funds are required to improve the nutrition of food with vegetables and cooking oil.
  • Donating funds for provision for construction of more energy saving stoves.
  • Funds for Deworming the children once after every three months.
  • Funds for training of the children, cooks and the guardians In nutrition, hygiene, food preparation and handling.
  • Provision of porridge 

Watoto wenye nguvu school feeding program   Watoto wenye nguvu school feeding program      

support Watoto wenye nguvu school feeding program

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