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Sponsor a child

The Sponsorship program works with social workers and local community and schools to identify those children having the greatest need.  Children are then placed in the waiting list and when a sponsor is available, assigned accordingly. To help you can:-

  • Sponsor a child by making a monthly contribution at least $30 a month.

  • Donate towards sponsorship program projects i.e

    • Health
    • School Uniform
    • Sports equipment
    • Food support for guardians
    • Soap and sanitary pads
  • By donating new or used clothes and shoes.
  • Motor bike to help the social workers to do their regular visits.

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School feeding program

There are many schools in the program area that are in dire need of the school feeding program. You can help by:-

  • Donating funds so that we can expand the school feeding program to more needy schools
  • Funds are required to improve the nutrition of food with vegetables and cooking oil.
  • Donating funds for provision for construction of more energy saving stoves.
  • Funds for Deworming the children once after every three months.
  • Funds for training of the children, cooks and the guardians In nutrition, hygiene, food preparation and handling.
  • Provision of porridge 

Secondary School Education

There are several needy children who are not in our sponsorship program who cannot afford to pay for secondary school education who approach us for educational support all the time. You can help by:-

  • Provision of school fees, uniform and school supplies

 Micro loan program

  • Increasing the loan capital fund to incorporate more guardians in the program and also the members to be able to apply for bigger loans
  • Give start up loans for the guardians who want to start a business and they lack the capital to start.

Kustawi village children's home

Donate dairy Cow to provide milk for the children and provision of biogas.

Next step program

The financial resources required for the next step program are quite substantial and so far they are outstripped by the demand and you can help by:-

  • Donating to the next step fund
  • Sponsoring a child to a particular training/course
  • Donate tools and machinery to the program
  • Laptops for the information and technology students
  • Grants and capital for the business startups kits for the qualified professions.

Income generating projects

1. Water project

To make the water project more viable we need to expand piping the water distribution network to reach more people in the community, you can help by:-

  • Funds for piping the water

2. Tailoring projects

  • Donate more sewing machines
  • Buying bags from the project made with the design of your choice
  • Marketing the bags on behalf of the program 

 3. Farming

  • Donating tools and farm inputs and machinery
  • Donate improved seeds and seedlings
  • Donate tractor for farming
  • Donate funds to buy high producing dairy cattle

Sponsor a program

Watoto Wenye Nguvu I.O.C would appreciate any anyone willing to sponsor one of our programs.

Donations and Gifts

Watoto Wenye Nguvu I.O.C welcomes donations and gifts from individuals, corporate, N.G.Os and government as this goes into funding into programs needs.  Your funds can go into existing, your wish program or project provided it is in line with our organization mission goals and objectives.  Watoto Wenye Nguvu I.O.C assures you that donations received will be put into proper use according to priority and issue you with a break down list of expenses accompanied by photos, videos with testimony of the beneficiary program, project or individual as agreed.  Internal and external audits will be made available as our continued proof of use and accountability. 

Pay us a visit

Our gates are open to visitors upon notification to our office.


We value volunteerism very much and at Watoto Wenye Nguvu we have room for all volunteers who have child centered activities in any of our programs.  All volunteers and interns are requested to get in touch with the office giving details of their services. This enables us to plan for them. All volunteers are supposed to read and sign children protection policy.


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